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estola_ and seekrmhs played to a draw.

                                                              estola_              seekrmhs
                                                              White                 Black
Move History:
      estola_              seekrmhs
1      Pe2-e4               Pe7-e5
2      Qd1-f3               Bf8-c5
3      Bf1-c4               Ng8-h6
4      Qf3-g3               Qd8-f6
5      Pd2-d4               Bc5xd4
6      Bc1-e3               Bd4xe3
7      Qg3xe3               Nb8-c6
8      Ng1-f3               Nh6-g4
9      Qe3-g5               Qf6xg5
10     Nf3xg5               Pd7-d6
11     Nb1-c3               Nc6-d4
12     Ra1-d1               Nd4xc2+
13     Ke1-d2               Nc2-d4
14     Nc3-d5               Ra8-b8
15     Pf2-f3               Ng4-f2
16     Rh1-f1               Nf2xd1
17     Rf1xd1               Ko-o
18     Nd5-e7+              Kg8-h8
19     Bc4xf7               Ph7-h6
20     Bf7-g6               Rf8-f6
21     Rd1-c1               Nd4-e6
22     Ph2-h4               Pc7-c6
23     Ng5-f7+              Rf6xf7
24     Bg6xf7               Ne6-f4
25     Pg2-g3               Nf4-g2
26     Ne7-g6+              Kh8-h7
27     Ph4-h5               Bc8-h3
28     Rc1-h1               Bh3-d7
29     Rh1-h2               Ng2-e1
30     Kd2xe1               Rb8-d8
31     Rh2-h4               Rd8-c8
32     Pf3-f4               Rc8-d8
33     Pf4xe5               Pd6xe5
34     Ng6xe5               Bd7-c8
35     Bf7-g6+              Kh7-g8
36     Rh4-f4               Bc8-e6
37     Bg6-f7+              Be6xf7
38     Ne5xf7               Rd8-f8
39     Nf7-d6               Rf8xf4
40     Pg3xf4               Pb7-b5
41     Pe4-e5               Kg8-f8
42     Pf4-f5               Kf8-e7
43     Nd6-c8+              Ke7-d8
44     Nc8xa7               Kd8-d7
45     Pe5-e6+              Kd7-e7
46     Na7xc6+              Ke7-f8
47     Pe6-e7+              Kf8-e8
48     Pb2-b3               Ke8-d7
49     Nc6-e5+              Kd7xe7
50     Ne5-g6+              Ke7-f6
51     Ng6-h4               Kf6-g5
52     Nh4-f3+              Kg5xf5
53     Nf3-d4+              Kf5-e4
54     Nd4xb5               Ke4-d5
55     Pa2-a4               Kd5-c6
56     Nb5-d4+              Kc6-c5
57     Nd4-e6+              Kc5-b4
58     Ne6xg7               Kb4xb3
59     Pa4-a5               Kb3-b4
60     Pa5-a6               Kb4-a5
61     Pa6-a7               Ka5-a6
62     Ng7-f5               Ka6xa7
63     Nf5xh6               Ka7-b7
64     Nh6-f5               Kb7-c7
65     Ph5-h6               Kc7-d8
66     Ph6-h7               Kd8-e8
67     Ph7-h8(Q)+            Ke8-f7
68     Qh8-g7+              Kf7-e6
69     Nf5-d4+              Ke6-d5
70     Qg7-e5+

[Event "?"]
[Site ""]
[Date "2001.06.16"]
[Round "?"]
[White "estola_"]
[Black "seekrmhs"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]

1.e4 e5
2.Qd1f3 Bf8c5
3.Bf1c4 Ng8h6
4.Qf3g3 Qd8f6
5.d4 Bc5xd4
6.Bc1e3 Bd4xe3
7.Qg3xe3 Nb8c6
8.Ng1f3 Nh6g4
9.Qe3g5 Qf6xg5
10.Nf3xg5 d6
11.Nb1c3 Nc6d4
12.Ra1d1 Nd4xc2+
13.Ke1d2 Nc2d4
14.Nc3d5 Ra8b8
15.f3 Ng4f2
16.Rh1f1 Nf2xd1
17.Rf1xd1 O-O
18.Nd5e7+ Kg8h8
19.Bc4xf7 h6
20.Bf7g6 Rf8f6
21.Rd1c1 Nd4e6
22.h4 c6
23.Ng5f7+ Rf6xf7
24.Bg6xf7 Ne6f4
25.g3 Nf4g2
26.Ne7g6+ Kh8h7
27.h5 Bc8h3
28.Rc1h1 Bh3d7
29.Rh1h2 Ng2e1
30.Kd2xe1 Rb8d8
31.Rh2h4 Rd8c8
32.f4 Rc8d8
33.fxe5 dxe5
34.Ng6xe5 Bd7c8
35.Bf7g6+ Kh7g8
36.Rh4f4 Bc8e6
37.Bg6f7+ Be6xf7
38.Ne5xf7 Rd8f8
39.Nf7d6 Rf8xf4
40.gxf4 b5
41.e5 Kg8f8
42.f5 Kf8e7
43.Nd6c8+ Ke7d8
44.Nc8xa7 Kd8d7
45.e6+ Kd7e7
46.Na7xc6+ Ke7f8
47.e7+ Kf8e8
48.b3 Ke8d7
49.Nc6e5+ Kd7xe7
50.Ne5g6+ Ke7f6
51.Ng6h4 Kf6g5
52.Nh4f3+ Kg5xf5
53.Nf3d4+ Kf5e4
54.Nd4xb5 Ke4d5
55.a4 Kd5c6
56.Nb5d4+ Kc6c5
57.Nd4e6+ Kc5b4
58.Ne6xg7 Kb4xb3
59.a5 Kb3b4
60.a6 Kb4a5
61.a7 Ka5a6
62.Ng7f5 Ka6xa7
63.Nf5xh6 Ka7b7
64.Nh6f5 Kb7c7
65.h6 Kc7d8
66.h7 Kd8e8
67.h8Q+ Ke8f7
68.Qh8g7+ Kf7e6
69.Nf5d4+ Ke6d5
70.Qg7e5+ 1/2-1/2

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