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King Queen Rook Bishop Knight Pawn

The King

The king can move one space in any direction unless moving into/or threw a check(excluding castling where the king move two spaces towards a rook and the rook takes the opposite side of the king

The Queen

The queen can move as far as it wants in any direction.

The Rook

The rook can move as far as it likes on either the ranks or files.

The Bishop

The bishop can move as far as it likes on it's color at a diangle.

The Knight

The knight move in an "L"shape consisting of 2 squares then 1.

The Pawn

The pawn moves forward one square with the option of moving up two on it's first move. It captures to the side.

If advanced to the final rank it advances to a piece of your choice (excluding the King and pawn).

no pieces may skip over another excluding the knight.